Models posts about creepy photographer on Instagram, gets her account banned instead.

Oh, Instagram.

A platform that used to be about creativity, networking, and viewing inspiring images (in chronological order, no less!). In 2018, it has morphed into a platform that cares more about profit, and has allowed corporate greed to to overshadow the needs of any individual user's needs.



A model, Jessica Phoebe (@jessica.phoebs) just had her account banned/removed on Instagram following her story posts discussing a photographer accused of sexual harassment.


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She posted a story exposing his actions. A few hours later, her account was disabled.

All she did was share her story, as well as stories of a dozen other models who had negative experiences with this photographer, only for her account to be removed. This is the opposite of the results that her, and frankly anybody else, expected to come out of this.

In this current political climate, and with everything going on with the #metoo movement, Instagram has obviously made a grave mistake. They have banned a woman from speaking out about what happened to her and countless others.

They have taken away her voice.

Instagram's appeal system is basically non-existent. Countless users have attempted to contact Instagram through the settings section of the app, to no response.

What can you do to help?

If you'd like to help, go to the settings section of the Instagram app and scroll down to the section that says "Report a Problem" and speak out about this unjust situation.


All we can do now is wait to see if Instagram takes the side of the problematic photographer or the model who simply chose to use her platform to speak out against his actions for the safety of other female artists.

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